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Patented Technology

We have 3 Patents and Counting

U.S. Patent no. 10,471,113

U.S. Patent no. 10,717,717

u.s. patent no. 10,946,054

Jenny’s Rose patents relate in part to an improved process for producing cannabis extract from harvested cannabis. In this process, a quantity of harvested cannabis, which typically includes the inflorescence, floral leaves, and small stems of flowering cannabis plants, is frozen and subjected to cryogenic grinding to produce pulverized cannabis. The pulverized cannabis is then subjected to alcohol extraction to produce an initial cannabis extract which is filtered to yield a remaining fraction, which we call the remainder, as well as a filtrate. The remainder potentiates the activity of cannabis formulations, while the filtrate can be subjected to one of several forms of further processing according to the desired chemical profile of the final product.

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